Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter

Non Timber Forest Produce

This special  edition of news letter relesed in 2017

link: http://ntfp.org.in/download/leaf_litter/Leaf-Litter-Newsletter-final-190117.pdf


  • Behind the rhetoric of hospitality At The Side of the Road
  • Reverence for Life and Democracy
  • FPIC needs to move beyond an end of the line solution
  • Folk stories from the Nilgiris
  • Conversations with resin collectors
  • Serendipity, science and chance in plant identification
  • False Nutmeg
  • The Indian Kino Tree
  • Notes from Rayalseema Personal impressions
  • In Our Own Hands
  • Villages of Similipal
  • Draft National Forest Policy
  • Using weeds for nutrition
  • The Avalgaon Gramsabha Forest
  • Management Plan: glimmers of hope
  • Sustainable livelihoods through
  • promotion of ntfp in tribal lands

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