Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Newsletter: Climate change threatens coasts (India Water Portal)

Newsletter: Climate change threatens coasts

from india water portal

Cyclone Vardah terrorised both coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in December 2016, bringing the impacts of climate change in the coastal regions of the country to the forefront once again. This week we bring you stories on changing coastal regions: How Mumbai's coast is vanishing because of the lack of implementation of CRZ rules; How the infrastructure projects to beautify the Chennai coastline are affecting the livelihood of the people, and about a crisis of the sea mouth that is changing the Chilika lake. Although the coastal regions face similar threats repeatedly, the good news is that more communities are coming forward to protect the fragile ecosystem and open up new livelihood possibilities.

Storm after a lull
After a brief interval, the north-east monsoon made its presence felt through the cyclonic storm Vardah, terrorising both coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
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Mumbai’s vanishing coasts
The implementation of the CRZ rules and prioritising the needs of fishing communities by involving them in the process is the right and holistic approach to end coastal deterioration.
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Changing coast affects livelihood
While sundry development and infrastructure projects beautify the Chennai coastline, fishermen are left to fend for themselves.
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The sea mouths crisis
The opening of sea mouths in the Chilika is increasing the salinity of the lake, affecting the fish population and the livelihood of the fishing communities.

Mangrove nurseries protect coasts and livelihoods
Mangrove plantations in coastal Odisha are not just protecting people from storms and cyclones, but also opening up new livelihood possibilities.
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Community effort saves mangroves
When climate change threatens the existence of Sundarbans’ mangroves, villagers get together to plant millions of them to protect the fragile ecosystem.
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Weekly roundups

News: Yet again, Bengaluru’s lake on fire; India has the highest recycling rate of PET waste: Study; For the first time, Maharashtra identifies wetlands in forest areas; Political parties fight over SYL issue in Haryana and Punjab; Kerala initiates steps to mitigate drought impact.
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Policy: Committee rules out any change in Krishna water sharing ratio; Ganga revival: CBI probe ordered against UP Jal Nigam; Government all set to assess the MGNREGS scheme; Mekedatu reservoir project over Cauvery approved; Project approved for desilting lower Damodar.
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Sanitation news: Crumbling public sanitation infrastructure poses huge existential threat in Mumbai slums; Chhattisgarh villagers yet to receive SBM subsidy for constructing toilets; Haryana, Punjab and HP villages stick to the 'no toilet, no bride' pledge; Puducherry manages just 1,774 household toilets; Bhubaneswar makes waste segregation mandatory from April 1.

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